D1 Yesterday was touch and g=
o. I got in to work early to help take care of some server move=
s. By noon, my mom called in a panic, saying that I needed to g=
et to the hospital right away. Hopping on the next train up, I’=
m playing all of these scenarios in my mind (mostly legal ones)=
.. I guess that is law school training coming into play. To make=
a long story short, he went through a variety of procedures, i=
ncluding cardio inversion, aka, preventative shocking with the=
paddles to stabilize the heart rhythm. He manages to pull thro=
ugh them all, and by 6 pm it is declared a success. My mom hasn=
‘t left the hospital grounds in a week, so I take her out to th=
at bastion of fine dining, Applebee’s (she immediately likes it=
because portraits of Guliani and Colin Powell are prominently =
posted. After that I take her home; my brother taking over for =
the next 24.

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