Indecision 2004

I don’t know how Brooklyn people handle going to Columbia. I’ve been doing the trek up to 220th street pretty much daily, and it is boooring. Had a rare pow-wow with both my brother and my sister, at the same time.

Last night I was coming from a meeting in midtown, and stupidly got on the D, thinking it was old style and was going to Sheepshead Bay. No, now it goes through New Utrecht to Coney Island. No matter, took the Q back up. However, I missed The Amazing Race (watched it this morning on the computer recording). They were in Manila this week. The funiest line: “My ox is broken!”

Have to finish up on that travelogue, but it’s been busy. Maybe I can do it tomorrow.

Happy Bday to P– (I have to say that ’cause she reads this) and also to my mom. Yes, they share the same birthday….

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  1. I should actually sleep by now, but I’m bad. So there.

    The commute from Brooklyn to Columbia — let’s just say I know from what you speak of, and I live in the farther end of Brooklyn (never had to head up to the med school area, though; and this weekend’s trip to Morningside Hts was remarkably fast – 1:15 uptown; 1:15 back downtown; let’s not calculate the total roundtrip minutes). (then again, there were multiple reasons for dorming at Alma Mater and I’ll leave it at that…)

    D v. B — funny thing is, I think in reverse – when I see a B at the Dekalb station I have to remind myself not to hop on there because it’s not my direction anymore. Got to remember – it’s B for Brighton Beach. (silly mneumonic, I know).

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