Lost and Found

Lots of stuff today:

Lost my cell phone on Sunday on the train. Insurance got me a referbished one today. The sound quality is not as good as my original one, but I really need the phone right now, so I’ll deal.

My dad is still in the hospital, and he’s not doing so hot. It also happens to be 1.5 hours away, so it cuts it real close getting out of work and making it there before visiting hours end.

Oprah gives away 278 Pontiac G6 cars to the studio audience worth US $7.7 million. OK, that was a commercial/pr calculation, but it’s compelling.

Greg Pak, subject of my Robot Stories stalking in Boston, New Y ork, San Francisco, and San Diego, has come out with a Marvel Comics series, a reiimaging of the Warlock character. There is a preview of issue 1 on the web (authorized). Looks really good, especially the AA character behind the scenes, Janie Chin.

Today is primary election day, not that anybody cares. I actually went to vote, and there was only one selection for civil court judge. Kind of pointless.

Minjung‘s roommate Jane Kim is running for San Francisco School Board. Being someone’s friend’s roommate is as good a reason to support someone as any, but she’s qualified, too. If all of the Asian candidates win, Asians would compose a majority of the board.

The Hong Kong elections have learnt too much from US style elections. Bad polling, check. Sex scandals, check. Candidates shooting themselves in the foot, check. Hmmm.

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