Where the heck is Madison?

Daily News reports a 700 sq. ft. West Village studio going for US $1.3 million.

“$1.3 million for a studio? That’s insane,” said Jeff Grandis, a Fillmore Real Estate broker for 17 years.

For that price, Grandis will sell you a huge, newly remodeled house in Brooklyn’s Madison neighborhood with central air, a big yard and a two-car garage.

I’ve been a resident of Brooklyn for 30+ years, but where the heck is Madison? Apparently it’s south of Kings Highway, north of Sheepshead Bay, and east of Ocean Avenue. I’m pretty sure it’s not one of the original towns.

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  1. “south of Kings Highway, north of Sheepshead Bay, and east of Ocean Avenue”

    umm. Most of the Brooklyn maps I know would ID that as Midwood (or Midwood-ish). “Madison” sounds so not Brooklyn.

  2. Ok, ok. It just occured to be – the reason why that neighborhood is called Madison may very well be because that area surrounds Madison High School. (like, of course – hence “Madison”). Still, I’ve seen the buses refer to that location as “Flatlands” (although, I’d be completely wrong on that location). So, who knows what that area is actually (it may very well be just a location – somewhere in the blurry boundaries of Midwood, Mill Basin, Flatlands, and whatever else). Brooklyn can be very strange.

    On the other hand – that neighborhood does have really big houses…

  3. I took a look at someone’s NYC neighborhoods map today – that neighborhood really should be Flatlands.

  4. “Flatlands” is not exactly a sexy real estate name. Way back when, Bay Ridge used to be called “Yellow Hook”, but that became unpopular.

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