Don’t Leave Home Without It

American Express is filming an ad on the street outside my apartment. I don’t know what it’s about, and they were doing it at 5 in the morning, so I wasn’t awake for it, but they took the first five parking spaces in front of my door.

So much work to be done at work before I go tomorrow (geez, tomorrow!) I haven’t packed or anything. At least I’ve bought everything though.

Two Asian Americans political pundits made the news this weekend. Francis Fukuyama is a neoconservative that thinks that we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq. Michelle Malkin was on Tucker Carlson this past week talking about her book on how the Japanese Internment was justified. Both nominatively conservative commentators have been blasted by both sides of the aisle for going “the Third Way” (OK, that’s a Clintonism, but it fits). You know, I don’t agree with certain things they have to say, but at least it’s intellegent and well formed, not like the tired buzz word campaigning from Bush and Kerry. (Enough with the Swift Boats already! The damn bullets and grenades don’t care if you’re running towards or away from them. The American people generally prefer our troops to return alive.) I’m all for anything that makes the two party system three dimensional, and I’m all for APA’s actually participating. Wow, what a concept.

Republicans invading the city on Friday. Oh, the traffic! The best thing that can happen is that nobody notices. Hey, if we can have a million Carribean people parade on Labor Day, and the rest of the city doesn’t even realize it’s the northernmost Carribean island, we can deal with this. On the other hand, I’m out of here tomorrow.

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  1. Michelle Malkin’s NY Post columns are the stuff I especially avoid (void for being frighteningly conservative). No question that she’s intelligent, but, ugh, to say that internment is justified – my only question to her would be who wouldn’t be interned then? Are White Anglo-Saxon Protestants going to be the only ones not to be interned? …

    Have fun traveling…

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