Day Off Monday

Lest ye think that I’m playing hooky from work by blogging in the middle of the day, be advised that I’m on so-called vacation for a couple of days…

More Polyphonic Spree (we keep talking about this odd musical group on this website, don’t we?) – they’re coming to the NYC area – and when such a group gets in the NY Times, that has to mean something. Of course, that fact that no one can get over that they’re a little on the strange side… well…

A strange hug between President Bush and Senator McCain. They say pictures say a 1000 words. Maybe they do, as these series of NY Times photos indicate. I’ll leave it at that. You make your own opinions.

The modern state of the newspaper comic strip – when old-fashioned soaps like “Mary Worth” and “Judge Parker” are losing their old places in the newspapers and newer strips are trying to establish themselves and the newspapers are struggling to keep readership and prices – these are not easy times for the funny pages, as this NY Times article shows.

An article on the Republican Party moderates. I’d suppose that they’ll be seen and heard at the convention, but the question is what are the consequences?

And, having moderates or independents means you can have loopy elections, as seen in Maine, as notes.

Enjoy the week.

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