Picnic photos

AAN Picnic. This year it was at Forest Park in Woodhaven. SSW reported on the trek there. I have to say also that I probably would have never known about the park had the picnic not been held there. We miraculously avoided two tropical storm remnants; on the plus side, it was a lot cooler than at previous picnics. Because we were doing the cooking this year, I didn’t do as much socializing. In any case, it was a load of fun!

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  1. I’m just glad that there were no escaping circus tigers there… (considering that this was the same park where the tiger escaped from a couple of weeks ago… 😉 News currently reports plans to ban the circus from coming back and to stop them from allegedly abusing the tiger (since alleged abuse may or may not have caused him to want to escape in the first place)…

    Personally, I could have done without the humidity we had at the picnic, but the cool temperature was just fine. The crazy tug of war – good grief, is it a surprise that each winning team in each round won because of the firmer texture of the ground on their side? …

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