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  1. LOL. What?! “New York” on the box, and the product being “The Original TEXAS Cheese TOAST.” Talk about schizophrenic all right. ;-D How does it even taste? BIG Taste with Sophisticated Touch? Boy, and how are the Philadelphians supposed to react to something like that which doesn’t even take off on the cheesesteak (cheese toaste? Sure, I can make that – toast some bread and dump some cheese on it. Why bother buying the product?). Costco – what else will those good folks at Costco come up with next…

  2. Turns out that the product is made in the swing state of Ohio. Originally, the bakery was in New York, but they moved to Ohio. “Texas”-sized toast refers to the one-inch slices of bread used in the product, which was originally just garlic bread, but then supersized with cheese. Now called “New York Frozen Foods”, they are responsible for a lot of the par-baked frozen bread out there which are then baked all the way on-site — you probably had some of their bread at a restaurant.

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