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YC: I tried sending email to you and it didn’t work. Maybe I should use your YC address. Anyway I need to give you a call about hotel in Ipoh and getting my butt through Singapore — want to try Skype? I won’t be home tomorrow because of the wedding.

I just plunked down a wad of money to go to YC’s wedding. It’s not the world’s greatest itinerary and I couldn’t get the date I wanted going into KL, but it’s the cheap $895 flight compared against the $1300 alternatives:

KE 84Q 25AUG 1155P JFK->ICH 27AUG 325A
KE 641Q 27AUG 1:05P ICH->SIN 27 AUG 625P

I was thinking that maybe I would hate a really long layover; at least that’s what the travel agent was saying.Going to Seoul is out of the question — it’s 2 hours by bus to get there. But then, it’s Korea, and the word is that they have a really good transit hotel that has 2 Korean restaurants. Can we say time to go crazy? At least it will give me an opportunity to shower before the next leg of the trip. The flight will be also on Korean Air. The word is that the seats are tight, and they don’t have personal entertainment screens. However, the service is supposed to be good, and the Korean food is supposed to be excellent.

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  1. Hey FC, my contact info is on plaxo. Should be the same as Triscribe info. We can try out Skype.

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