ABA E-Journal reports on “What Young Lawyers Think,” and apparently, the young lawyers (or lawyers new to the profession – in their first 10 years – since we can’t always be sure about their ages anyway) are more stressed out in the big firms requiring more hours and more billing and all that other stuff. I.e., it’s about the quality of life, not the quantity. Not entirely a surprise to me.

There’s the story in the news that the Illinois Republicans are trying to recruit Alan Keyes to run against Barack Obama in the Illinois US Senate race – even though Keyes doesn’t even live in Illinois. That bothered me, until I remembered that even Hilary Clinton wasn’t really from NY when she ran – but at least she had a year of preparation/listening tour/buying that Chappaqua house before Election Day. Keyes, if he is the candidate, has only three months to go.’s Explainer explains how it is possible for Keyes to do this (apparently, he just has to live in Illinois by Election Day).

Flipping through the pages of the latest Entertainment Weekly – and, gasp, saw the ad for the DVD of the 1st season of… “Happy Days.” Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Richie (plus appearances of Richie’s long lost brother) in digital format. Ayy… What isn’t a DVD by now? (umm, actually lots of stuff aren’t on DVD, but I just wish some of this stuff was still in reruns on regular tv like they used to be rather than me paying bucks for DVD’s).


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