July begins…

The month begins on an odd note. Saw the Mets v. Yankees game at Shea Friday night, game 1 of another 3. Mets win, 11 to 2. Would have had a lot more fun of it tonight had the rabid Yankee fans (apparently a known rowdy contingent from Yankee Stadium) made way too much raucous and tawdry vulgar chanting, inspiring some retaliating Mets fans to get equally stupid in their (not very creative or clever) chanting. I like a good baseball game, but despise stupidity. Seriously, Rabid Yankee Fan, is using the Dick Cheney expletive to describe the Mets any good, particularly when there are children sitting right behind you? (and if you really want to know what a “Dick Cheney expletive” is, feel free to ask; I can’t even take credit for it, Joe Klein of Time magazine came up with the term in his column this week). I would very much like not to sit behind rabid Yankee fans again if I can avoid it in the future.

Oh, and Mets win. Yeah. No guarantees on what can happen the next two games, but such is life. One step at a time, Mets fans, even if it means some steps backward (which happens way too much with the Mets). Let’s go Mets!

The news from NASA on Saturn sound exciting. So cool this year – Mars and Saturn.

Oh, and I finished reading another book on physics – “The Physics of Star Trek,” a nice, more-or-less-light by physicist Lawrence Krauss. I liked how he explained the time travel paradox – “Can I kill my grandmother before I am born?”; think of it this way – if you did kill Grandma before you were born, then you wouldn’t be born; and yet, you were the one who killed her; so, you had to have been born to even do that; and if you weren’t born to kill her, then she doesn’t die; and then you’re… born. So, for some reason and at some point in time, you exist but you simultaneously…don’t? Well, I can still get confused by the idea of the time paradox.

Anyway, I bought the paperback version of this book way back when, from a lovely secondhand book store in downtown Manhattan’s Nassau St. I recommend the book as a nice subway read. Slight quibble – Krauss’ book is slightly out-of-date, as string theory (as Brian Greene noted in his book) had made some progress (well, short of physical evidence anyway) since the publication of “The Physics of Star Trek.” Krauss also kept referring to Riker of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as “Lt. Riker” before finally referring him by his correct rank (commander) – although, Krauss may have actually referred to Riker’s clone, who was stuck with the lieutenant rank, so my quibble there may be really silly nitpicking on my part.

Marlon Brando passed away, age 80. He immortalized Stanley Kowalski’s “Stella…” and is always going to be “The Godfather.” Which reminds me. Maybe I ought to watch the Godfather trilogy already? Hmm. Well, another thing to add on the to-do list, along with “really ought to read Harry Potter already.”

Have a nice Independence Weekend…

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