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Saw Bill Moyers at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. I totally didn’t know that he was going to be there — I had intended to rendevous with P– because she forgot her cell phone. However, he had just read part of his new book, Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times. We decided to get books signed. I didn’t know initially what to say to him, but then I recalled his Becoming American series, and I knew that I had to thank him for that, and also for the pivotal role he had in the passing of the 1965 Immigration Act. I wouldn’t be here if my parents weren’t able to come to this country, and I’m sure that is true of many others. Moyers retires this year, and this caps off his tour of the Three Estates. Thanks for everything.

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  1. You’re so lucky – I meant to see if I could have made it to see Moyers, but couldn’t remember the date and/or place. Is he as nice in person as he seems to be on tv? (putting aside his stern liberal side, of course). So weird to think that Moyers is really retiring, or at least bowing out of “Now” on PBS; he’s such a figure for bringing stories that others wouldn’t think about putting on the small screen.

  2. He’s really nice. When he is real comfortable, his Texan twang comes out. Moyer’s wife/producer was at his side.

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