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Take a moment to reflect on D-Day and the passing of former President Ronald Reagan.

Update: dentist visit took long; cavities filled; dentist giving his tips. Dentist does Sundays because he’s the Chinatown sort who’d be open. (got to love the Chinatown sort, especially when they have suitable American education and training).

More update: Smarty Jones, that Philadelphia horse who didn’t win the Triple Crown after all, is promoted in the NY tabloids as “Smarty Pooper.” Yeah, wit isn’t the greatest strengths of newspaper headlines anymore. But, I suppose congrats goes to the horse Birdstone for being a spoiler.

Flipping through the NY Times wedding sections (I just do that once in awhile in case someone from my alma maters is in there or in case the little blurb has some interesting social implications reflecting modern society), I came across this fascinating wedding announcement. Folks who have done bar review will know what I mean. (not sure if it counts as public info, so I won’t directly refer to the personnages mentioned in this article; what say you, ladies and gentlemen attorneys?).

A link I’ve been meaning to include: had the latest e-chat with Scott Bakula, actor portraying Capt. Archer on “Star Trek: Enterprise.” The most amusing interlude:

simon c: Is Scott Bakula your real name or is that one of those really cool made up stage names?

SB: My real name is Denny Crane. [The name of William Shatner’s character on “The Practice” and its impending spinoff. ]

;-D Hehehe, Scott Bakula, a.k.a. the ex-Sam Beckett of the series “Quantum Leap,” has a sense of humor (and watches tv!!!).

Tony awards tonight: I watched most of it. Very interesting. “Avenue Q” won best musical – looked like a lot of fun. Was amazed that “I am My Own Wife” won the big awards – it’s a show that pushed boundaries, particularly when its male star played all the roles, including that of an East German transvestite. Ah, and Hugh Jackman, the award show host/star and winner for “The Boy from Oz.” Uh hmm. Jackman’s attractive and a great singer and dancer. May America appreciate its stage traditions again; I’m sorely tempted to see the shows now after having watched the Tony show. Congratulations to the winners.

Been behind on articles. But, note the fascinating article analyzing David Letterman. Slate associate editor Bryan Curtis concludes that Letterman has gone soft and becoming Leno-like. I can’t quite agree with Curtis; I don’t know if it’s correct to say that Letterman’s Leno-like, but he has softened around the edges. I also don’t quite like the increasingly obvious promote-my-latest-project stuff of the celebrity appearances on Letterman’s show, but it’s not like his guests have never done that before his surgeries and his current domestic life. I still prefer Letterman’s interviewing over Leno (when Letterman’s interested in his guests, there’s a real sense of conversation and sincerity in the guest and in Letterman).

Enjoy the week…

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  1. My ruling on the privacy issue is that they are fair game. The issue is whether people mentioned in a wedding announcement are public figures for the purposes of the website. The rule is that people are public figures if they actively put themselves in public view. The Piepers put themselves in the public eye by making a wedding announcement in the New York Times. While it may do additional reporting, The Times only publishes wedding announcements submitted by the couple. Therefore, they are public figures for the purpose of this webblog.

    How’s that for C-IRAC, Pieper?

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