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Replying to SSW’s comments in Saturday in the Park with George [If you link to the article you’re commenting on in your article, you will automatically set up a cross-referrenced comment, so you don’t have to hit “Comment” anymore — and everyone should get notified about replies.] No, I didn’t know the difference between Manet (whom some call the father of the Modern movement) and Monet (what SSW said) before going to the museum. Turns out that Manet was initially pissed off at Monet because the art critics of the time couldn’t keep them straight, either. Then they met and actually really got along, often going out on painting expeditions together. The way the exhibit was set up at the Philly Museum of Art was well-thought out: the Manet at Sea pictures faced north-south in the center of the room, while contemporary seascapes were mounted east-west along the walls. That enabled the viewer to compare and contrast Manet’s work. The audio tour was informative and well done, also. Recommended (but it’s closing after next weekend)

Jim’s Steaks on South Street and 4th Avenue had a line going around the block, with the aroma of grilling beef and onions. They offer hogies also, but of course no one was even bothering with them. The succulent slices of beef are just too tempting. For some reason,. it does not translate well in New York, even though the cheesesteak trinity of Pat’s, Gino’s and Jim’s all make no secret of what’s in it. Slightly frozen rib eye is sliced on a deli slicer into paper-thin sheets. Onions are fried on a grill oiled with soybean oil. The sheets of steak are then grilled until they just turn brown, and then they are finely stir-chopped with the grill spatula until they are complete shredded. Take an Amato’s Bakery hero bread, and slice it down the middle. Jim’s innovation is to put the hot Cheese Whiz on the bread first, followed by the meat and the onions. Pat’s and Gino’s pack the steak in first, followed by the onions and the cheese. Jim’s ends up with the more structually sound product — the Whiz acts like mayo and keeps the bread from getting soggy, while at the same time prevents it from oozing around. You never have to take “the stance” with a Jim’s steak as you would with Pat’s — standing with feet spread and haunched over to prevent your shoes from being covered with Whiz and onions. Jim’s is recommended.

We had dinner at Joya on Court Street in Brooklyn that night. With the backyard open, seating wasn’t the problem that it usually is during the winter. The soft shell crab special was a delicate, wonderful dish, as well as the salmon summer rolls. Recommended.

In the Mood For Love, recommended. BAM Rose Cinema — I didn’t like it that much, though. Stadium seating, check. Big-ass cup holders, check. Rows wider than the screen — bad! If you were not straight on to the middle of the screen, you were at such an angle that it almost became an obstructed seat.

The next day I saw Shrek 2. Recommended. You would think that the commercials have given away the whole plot, but it actually doesn’t. I’d see it again to look for details I missed the first time — and there were lots. Try to see a digital showing if possible — there are really cute in-jokes that you have to keep a look out for.

The new Coney Island — Stillwell Avenue terminal is a vast improvement over the previous structure. It now looks something like an European train station with its arching roof. I like it. However, P–‘s sister’s boyfriend works for the MTA, and he says that it’s already leaking.

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  1. The cheese as mayo does sound like the best way to go with cheesesteaks (at least it won’t fall apart as easily in your hands – although McChicken’s have the mayo/secret sauce making a mess all the time and the chopped lettuce never stays neat either – but why am I comparing cheesesteaks with McChickens?).

    Stillwell Ave. terminal already leaking?? Why does that not surprise me? MTA finds ways to not really go your way… (ever seen the Kings Highway station on the N line – that ceiling is not a pretty sight with the peeling paint job and leaks etc.)…

    Must see Shrek…

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