Ghost in the Half Shell

Music: GiTS:SAC Theme (MP3)
Rachael Yamagata (Artist

APA Half Hour: between 12:30 and 1 am, Conan O’Brian had Pun Yin, Donald Trump’s feng shui expert, and ballard singer Rachael Yamagata. Afterwards, cartoon King of the Hill featured Connie, Bobby’s Laoian girlfriend in “Aisle 8A“.

Saw a preview of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Fantastic CGI, great music by Yama Kano. The plot didn’t translate so well in English — I wish that they had played the Japanese soundtrack with subtitles.

Going to the 9th Avenue Food Fair — it’s today and tomorrow from 57th Steet down to the 30’s.

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  1. Food Fair….

    All of Taipei is one gigantic food fair 24/7. That’s not including the Carrefour (French mega supermarket).



  2. I visted Danshui (aka Tamshui) today. Need to go back there again. It’s a place next to some waterway (yet unknown) to me.


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