Tonight is the night – the end of “Friends.”

Last night:

“Star Trek: Enterprise” – gosh, the last three episodes have been decent. Last night continues the trend – I dreaded the latest time paradox, and kind of knew what the end was (Capt. Archer and Crew had to change the future, and did so – their descendants won’t exist – and yet those descendants helped them…), but in execution, the episode was good. The writing felt tighter, the acting smoother, and even the direction had direction. I agreed with the review on the Trek Nation website – lot of emotional impact and parallels to past good Star Trek episodes and even this past season on “Enterprise.” Moral questions: “I have to do what I have to do, I have no choice…” and yet there is always a choice, Captains – even if it means wiping out your own existence (assuming that that’s what the character Lorian intended – who knows; his life was all messed up, if I accept the suggestion of the storyline) so that your ancestors have a shot at saving the future, or as Archer realizes every single time, trying to save the world is real hard.

“The O.C.” – now that’s a season finale for a 1st year show. Reflecting on what has happened during the past year, the characters’ growth (or maybe even lack of) and possibly even regression. The adults had their moments and the teens did their usual thing. Not a bad show, even with the crazy plot twist turns.

I watched “Angel” on tape delay (well, my taping of it anyway) – nicely funny episode. Angel and Spike vie for Buffy, but she’s not exactly around, as she’s busy roaming around Rome. So, Angel and Spike reminisce and scramble out of a weird situation to get a decapitated head back to Los Angeles. Okay. Very light-weight episode for something short of the series finale. Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Wesley faces an emotional crisis when Illyria, the amoral demi-goddess, develops a shapeshifting/personality-shifting power – she becomes Fred, but so obviously isn’t Fred. It’s so strange and worrisome to know what can happen next to Team Angel.

Oh, and back to “Friends”… (they may be about to be gone, but at least the reruns are always going to be on Channel 11 in NYC in perpetuity…)

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