Off to Taipei

I’ve been remiss, but last night in the US of A and a quickie post. Flying off to Taipei on my latest life adventure. Too busy and stressed out to get emotional about things but it has been a tough few weeks.

I so hate packing and am so bad at it that i vow this time around I will collect nothing and throw away things. Travel light and live light is the motto.

AJ is off to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding this weekend and I’ll be crashing over his place until I find new digs. I’ll post laters in another week or two.



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  1. Vowing to not keep things? Easier said than done – and I’m not even the worst of the pack rats out there!…

  2. Yeah, I’m a huge pack rat. But my system is just not viable. I realized when packing for my Taipei trip that I’ve got a lot of clothes. What happens is that when I’m move from place to place, I keep collecting things on top of things. Now with my weight lost, I’m finding out that I’ve got way too many clothes! Two bulging suitcases, carry one and computer bag to Taipei. Nuts!

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