Well there!

Well, I get on the plane and then the next day there’s a few substantive blogs to read. Woo, I should needle more often hehe….

I feel… traveled out (I think that can be a feeling or emotion?). About 7 weeks out of the country going from one place to another and now I’m back. Not sure how I should be feeling other than…. tired ? I’m glad I wasn’t hassled at SFO immigration and customs. I get off and while immigrations was easy, “Hi, Mr Blah, Bleh?” “Yes,” [stamp] “Thank you”. I saw a huge line in customs “Nothing to Declare” Line. The custom’s officer seeing my 2 large suitcases and carry on says, “Please exit” when I try to head to the big line. Cool! I feel bad for all those people probably still waiting to get cleared from customs.

I don’t know but the airlines look pretty full to me. All my Asian flights were fully booked and no detection that there’s an airline slump. I flew EVA unfortunately not a UA code share partner. I will try to see if I can get my trip miles post flight. I worry that all my air miles will go poof when UA decides to go out of business. I think it’s about 75% sure in 2-3 years. They just can’t seem to get themselves fixed up…. Oh, and why is Boeing getting their lunch eaten by Airbus? Because those seats are simply too small!!! I flew the Boeing 747-400 and sorry, it was really uncomfortable. Now, I know I’m a pretty big guy by comparison but people are getting bigger all the time. Boeing hasn’t kept up with the times and will soon be obsolete too.

I’ve survived my trip not having totally gained back all the weight I lost going there… Now it’s sorta back to semi-normal US California life although it’s sort of weird to say that since I have no idea what that means anymore. Given that I am going back to my “un-rooted” phase of life again, I guess emotionally, I can’t be attached to any one place. From the East Coast, I’ve moved out West for almost 5 years. I’ve made a number of friends and have started to get completely used to the lifestyle here. I’ve always missed the NYC Metro area and my friends there. In the back of mind, I’m still in NYC. I’ve traveled and moved to many places that making friends and keeping them is really tough. One of my oldest friends is returning to his roots, and moving to Chicago with his wife and kid. Without IM, e-mail and hopefully soon for more people, video-cam; I’m not sure how to keep it all together. It’ll be so much harder as I’m moving to Taiwan in May.


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