Our Daily Bread

I’m here in front of Amy’s Bread in Chelsea Market. We were surfing using the in-house wireless network while sitting on a stone bench in front of the bakery when whey just wheeled out a whole rack of free bread! You should have seen the mob swarm up! P– ran up and got us two bags, but she came out of there all covered in flour. Just so you know — 6:30 pm when they close.

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  1. Is this the market you’re talking about?

    Chelsea Market
    75 9th Ave.
    New York City, NY 10011-7006
    Phone: 212/243-6005

  2. That’s cool… this place is listed on jwire.com’s website. Now you can sit there, eat fresh bread and listen to Hong Kong Pop @ http://hkvpradio.com/.

    You can still leave messages for Leslie Cheung in the afterlife.


  3. There really is the Amy of Amy’s bakery? 😉 And, you’ve met her, FC? Sort of like there is a Wendy of Wendy’s (whose dad actually made the company, not her; and how there were McDonald’s, but that Ray Kroc bought them out; and how the Disneys are trying to wrestle Disney out of the hands of Michael Eisner. oh, and let’s not forget poor old Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart’s Living…)….

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