Finally Friday…

Compare and contrast: Alessandra Stanley (critiquing the cable movie about the American pollsters/political campaigners working for Boris Yeltsin’s re-election campaign) and Virginia Heffernan (critiquing the mid-season series “Wonderfalls” – about a young woman who listens to inanimate objects telling her to do good deeds – a “Joan of Arcardia” without God). Two tv critics – now part of the same newspaper (Heffernan was the tv critic) – I’ve been more partial to Heffernan, because Heffernan feels like someone who likes tv even if the show she’s watching sucks. But, Heffernan’s comments about the US version of “Touching Evil” (on the bottom of the article on “Wonderfalls”) seems a little too caustic for me (then again, as I said in a prior blog entry, I didn’t think too badly of the original British “Touching Evil”).

I’m almost finished with reading Peter David’s “Stone and Anvil” (the latest Star Trek: New Frontier book); I’ll be making my comments on that in a future blog entry.

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