Roses Recap

He shoots, he scores! I got the roses from James Weir Florist in Brooklyn Heights instead of at Chelsea Market. Turns out that I got the roses for the same price that I would have gotten from Chelsea Market. These were no bodega flowers — these were the real thing, a dozen long stems in a box.

As an interesting historical aside, James Weir started this florist shop in 1859. He is the guy responsible for changing the name of the area called Yellow Hook into what is now known as Bay Ridge.

As a gag, I dressed in typical Chinese delivery guy attire: black slacks, blue shirt, baseball cap and, the piece de resistance, a turquoise blue parka. I took one of the business cards and wrote P–‘s name and address on it and proceeded to take the subway. I had my hood on all the time on the train. It’s kind of interesting — nobody thought it was my roses on the train.

Getting off near Hunter College, I kept up the facade. I got up to the guards at P–‘s workplace, mumbled “delivery” and handled over the card. They called her up to the front, and I sprung it on her. Boy did I get everyone! We went to East for sushi for lunch, and went happily ever after.

I’m over her place right now, and the roses are holding up pretty well!

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  1. And the audience says, “Aww,” and clap with great ecstasy. Bow, sir!

    Glad you had a great Valentine’s day.

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