Picking vice presidents? and other things

Today’s NY Times’ Quotation of the Day:

“If anybody tells you they wouldn’t be interested in being vice president, they’re not telling you the truth.”
– SENATOR JOHN BREAUX, Democrat of Louisiana.

Nice thought, Senator Breaux. Be sure to check out the fascinating corresponding article too.

See, there are reasons why I try to avoid on-line spoilers about tv shows. “Angel” may or may not have its last season (which WB almost sprang on people last season), with more emphasis on the more-likely-than-not. WB, like so many other networks, finds ways to frustrate me. Heck, just to sound like a conspiracy theorist, I ask, “Are they all trying to make me go to cable??”

CBS, as much as I’ve long wanted to avoid it (because I never did forgive it for cancelling a show I liked, and for being serious hypocrites with the whole Reagan movie and Super Bowl halftime nonsense), has done nicely with “Joan of Arcadia.” I enjoyed this article about this nice show.

Enjoy the rest of this V-Day night.

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