Purple Rain

It’s raining in New York. That’s significant because it’s no longer freezing, even though some stupid punk groundhog Phil from PA says that we’re going to have six more weeks of winter.

Super Bowl: Ads were not that great. As a whole they were really not that inspirational. The geezers fighting over the potato chips was just wrong. Homer was good, but didn’t really change the way I thought. The two that were thought provoking were the shardsoglass.com anti-smoking ad and I kind of liked monster.com’s ID card sequence. I can’t believe that Bermuda spent the $30M for an ad though.

The Janet Jackson thing was totally bogus — everyone knew exactly what they were doing. I generally do like the CBS lineup these past 2 seasons (you can’t pry me away from the Amazing Race with a crowbar, and CSI and Joan of Arcadia are great), and this will help them on their entertainment side, but ultimately is going to hurt them on the news side — Ed Murrow and Ed Sullivan are rolling over in their graves, and Walter Cronkite would be if he had one.

Oh yeah, the game — what an awesome game! Although I had no idea who anyone was, it was the best game in at least 5 years. They were so craving for points that they were going for 2 point conversions after the touchdown, which almost never happens nowadays. You also have to think that there were 8 touchdowns and 2 field goals: the ball travelled 1,000 yards during that game — that’s more than half a mile. I don’t think I could have run a half mile like that.

I was down 25 fan in the pre-game mahjong fest, but in honor of Mastercard, I won a Homer Simpson Braineez talking head on the first half box (thanks Carolina for coming through, even though I’m sorry you didn’t go the distance).

Super Tuesday: I think that it’s obvious Kerry’s the annointed one at this point. Edwards has been trying for a stealth 2nd, but Kerry has the single package.

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