Post-Super Bowl Analysis

My observations of the Super Bowl ads, as I was actually watching (more or less with some attention) the game:

– Commercial for Hugh Jackman’s “Van Helsing” movie – interesting, but felt more like “Look at our CGI effects!” rather than an actual promotion for a movie (and I didn’t exactly come out of it liking the CGI effects either).

– Commercial for Budweiser about The Donkey That Wanted To Be a Clydesdale – cute.

– I got real tired of these Levitra ads (for those who don’t know, it’s a Viagra rival, which may or may not make it an important product to be aware of).

– I also got real tired of the ads promoting all the CBS shows. Yeah, I know that this was exactly why any network would purchase the rights to air the Super Bowl, but I was only able to swallow so much of self-promotion.

– Charmin commercial: a quarterback was about to take the ball, only he was too busy admiring the touch and feel of the slip of Charmin toilet paper that was just hanging on the backside of another player. Whistle was blown and a guy in the Charmin bear suit was waving his roll of Charmin paper at the camera, evidentally proud of his little prank. Sideline folks proceeded to chase the bear down, as a vendetta for the prank. This was a strangely funny ad that kept one’s mind on the product.

– Staples commercial – happily mocking Godfather types and office supply managers, wherein office workers bribed the gatekeeper of the office supplies with doughnuts, cookies, and muffins for paper, pens, and paper clips. This one guy asked for a folder, but regrettably only had half a Danish; he was given only half a folder (ripped before his very eyes). The next day, the guy returned, with a bodyguard at his side; guy announced, “I went to Staples and everyone will know it too!” “And, what do you want from me?” said the gatekeeper. Bodyguard guy approached Gatekeeper guy nose to nose, and said, “I want a cream puff…” A funny ad that stayed on point! Go Staples, land of cheap office products.

– I didn’t care for any of the Pepsi commercials I managed to catch – I thought that they were a little silly. “Yeah, I’m going to continue wrongfully downloading music!” said the adolescent types toasting their Pepsis at us viewers. Oh, go away, kids.

– I also didn’t get the AOL Super Fast (or whatever they were called) ads. They were supposed to promote AOL’s faster connection to the Internet, by showing how this geeky guy tried to get his dad, a grungy mechanic/motorcyclist, to understand what Super Charging means (Dad thinks it’s something more useful to his line of work and cannot understand Geeky Son); at one point, Dad connected a little motorized wheelchair to an AOL server to watch it go super. Geeky Son sat in said chair and, of course, it wasn’t like the wheelchair’s motor will go any faster (or maybe it did; I don’t remember)… Oh, well, the ad completely failed to make me care for AOL.

– Commercial for Viggo Mortenson’s “Hildago” – already a movie that I was looking forward to seeing (having seen the trailer for it at the movie theaters) – but the commercial had more clips and gave a nice feel that made the excitement even stronger. Ooh, Viggo!

– Cute MasterCard commercial with the Simpsons – Homer did his chores: oil change, costing X amount of money; hair cut for $75; and then… Voiceover Guy stated, “Chores done quicker to spend extra time with one’s family: priceless.” Problem is, Homer was spending quality time at Moe’s and guzzling beer. Homer grumbled, “Okay, Voiceover Guy,” and marched out of Moe’s, slamming the door at the face of Hans Moleman (the little pruney old man with thick glasses). Hehehe. Good Simpsons feature, essentially.

Conclusion: All in all, the ads weren’t too bad, I guess. I’d give them a better than average rating. The ads as a whole had nothing too tasteless, but they weren’t exactly terribly stand-up-and-cheer exciting either.

For other views, consider the Super Bowl ad analysis in’s “Ad Report”. Among other ads, which I completely forgot about or haven’t commented on:’s Seth Stevenson noted the Muppets’ Pizza Hut ad (I cooed over seeing Kermit, personally); the ads (I didn’t particularly care for those, but then again, it was nice to see trying to stay in there after having seen too many ads over the past couple of weeks); and the Chevrolet ads with the kids with soap in their mouths (I thought it was funny).

Oh, and the Super Bowl itself – congratulations to New England (wasn’t rooting for them, hardly against them, since they were good during playoffs and heavy favorites to win the Lombardi trophy). Congratulations to Carolina for trying (but, you know, someone had to lose). Pretty good game, despite the boring first half-hour (although, I still don’t understand football – which makes me, what, a stereotypical female? Obviously, I don’t fully appreciate defensive football, or even football with teams I don’t root for). Next week is the NFL’s Pro-Bowl, but that’s anti-climactic – as a tv thing, it isn’t that exciting watching any bunch of All-Stars who do show up to play football (touch football, really, because no one wants to get hurt during the off-season) in the middle of Hawaii when the season’s all over. Humph. I guess there’s the entertainment value to the football fans who can’t give up. Until next time…

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