Bring on the ads…

Super Bowl’s coming. Yes, there’s football, there’s “Survivor” (coming after the football) and there are the ads in between. Hmm… Hopefully this year’s Super Bowl’s ads will be interesting; I recall not being particularly thrilled by last year’s.

The other day, I finally saw the latest Priceline ad, the one YC referred in his commentary (I think I’ve linked it correctly). Amusing!

Ad’s summary: Priceline executives are trying to bring excite back to Actor William Shatner is brought into a meeting with them; they tell him that they’re taking Priceline in a new direction. “My Priceline?!” says Shatner. Said executives reassure him that it’s still Priceline, still name your own price and all that, but more; so, Shatner’s no longer in the equation? “But, who can replace ME?” says Shatner. Leonard Nimoy emerges, “Hi, Bill. Let’s do lunch.” Shatner looks up, “Hi, Len. Sure. Lunch. What? Wait. Len?!” Nimoy, the new Priceline man? Hmm. Only Spock would do in Kirk. I loved the interplay; and, Nimoy and Shatner seemed like they were having way too much fun. And, yep, Shatner’s still one scary man.

Check out’s latest “Ad Report”: scribe Seth Stevenson reviews the Linux ads – the ones with the weird platinum little boy (Linux himself) loading up info from such wise sorts as Penny Marshall (huh? how is she wise?); Henry Louis Gates (which is cool, since it’s not often that a professor gets to be in a mainstream commercial and outside of PBS or Sunday morning news shows); and others like Muhammed Ali. The latest Linux ad has the little boy inserted in weird black/white colored photos or whatnot. Apparently, they’re not just Linux ads; they’re IBM’s way of selling the brandname on CEO’s and other such types to irritate Microsoft or something. Stevenson thinks they’re cool ads. The first one was interesting to me; the latest ones looks surreal – just my opinion. Take it or leave it. I liked the Slate article, all in all.

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  1. I love how Kirk whines about how HE is the voice of priceline. Who could replace him!

    Cracks me up each time I see it.


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