Fitting the weather, I make some references to that particular cold weather/climate sport on ice…

NY Times’ Sports section is sort of underestimated; once in awhile, it gets a weird story that’s quite something. Consider the quotation of the day and the link to the corresponding article, wherein one learns that NHL players aren’t into playing the stereotype of toothless hocky players (at least, not these days):

“When I would walk on the street, people would say to me, ‘You’ve got teeth!'”
– KEN DANEYKO, retired hockey player (NJ Devils)

Ah, yes, technology has made it possible to encourage hockey players to go for better tooth replacements; today’s ad world encourages them to want to preserve their handsome mugs for bigger bucks (not to mention avoid unnecessary pain).

The commercials for the movie “Miracle” – starring Kurt Russell as the coach of the Miracle on Ice USA Team of the Lake Placid Olympics – are fun looking. How does one make a disparate bunch of teenagers who play hockey in their various colleges and states and make them realize they are Team USA? Well, put them on ice and see what happens. Wonder if the movie is as good as its commercials.

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