Soundtrack: Take Me Away (Wendy Ip, MP3 ). [Reviewers say Ip’s like Gwen Stefani singing Elvis Costello, and they’re right. She does everything: writes, composes, plays piano/keyboards and guitar. Bought her self-produced CD from the Union Square Virgin Megastore.]

Take me away from this small tired place
Take me away cause I need it
Show me the way, how can I find more space
How can I try to beat it

P– has spent several sessions over my apartment doing more than a gang of Queer Eyes could. She’s been doing her best to turn a pig’s sty into something resembling a liveable space: new tiles and shower curtains in the bathroom, a revamped kitchen, tons of stuff thrown out. Apparently, it’s too little, too late. The City of New York has come down like a stack of bricks on my (lack of) interior design.

There was a letter posted next to the mailboxes in the lobby. One of my neighbors was staring at it totally befuddled. “… This would allow the City to acquire the captioned property through a condemnation proceeding”. I know that is legal-ese for “the government is going to knock down the building and give it to some real estate developer”. Apparently, the entire block received the notice stating that it was in the path of the “Brooklyn Center Revitalization Plan”.

My landlord actually was kind of non-plussed about it. “Well, it will take years and dozens of hearings before that happens. Look at what they have been trying to do with the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s been 15 years and nothing’s happened. Besides, the person that wrote the letter just quit.” Actually, I’m putting my money on 12-15 months.

It’s probably a blessing in disguise: I’ve been thinking about buying property, but this is probably going to be the thing that gets me over my inertia. Maybe it’s borrowed time, but I’m still going to miss this place, though.

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