Monday stuff (beware: “Alias” semi-spoiler alert, by the way)

The latest “Explainer” on explains “Why is Mars Red?”.

NY Times – fascinating article about why Washingtonians (in D.C.) can’t vote and are trying to vote.

Tonight’s Lehrer Newshour had a amusing panel talking about the “O’Connor Supreme Court.” Justice O’Connor is described either “the most powerful woman ever” with (depending entirely on how you like or dislike her opinions) an inconsistent or an analytical approach.

Last night’s “Alias” was freaky. Spoiler alert – skip this paragraph if you don’t want to be surprised. Then again, I’ll try not to reveal anything substantive anyway …. – I’ve had mixed reactions about the whole trip to the future that Sydney has pulled off; two years has passed since the season finale of May 2003; therefore, assuming the show even took place in May 2003, the season premiere of September 2003 actually takes place in September 2005. Maybe. I think. Now, near as I can tell, last night’s episode takes place some four months after this season finale – almost real time – January 2006. Kendall, Sydney’s old boss of last season, returns (not since his voice back in the season premiere has he even been “seen”) – and he reveals everything. He makes one go through the time traveling (“Ok, wait, so Sydney was gone for two years; brainwashed for six months; comes back – sort of – in nine months – and then goes underground for a year…?? What?”). Mind-bloggingly so. You really have to suspend all belief and just go along with the plot twists (the fun is in the journey, not in reaching the end anyway). And, then came the kicker at the end of the episode; gosh, how many plot twists am I supposed to digest here? “X-Files” gave me more breathing room.

Okay. Spoiler alert over.

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