6000 Years of Chinese sexual history

Move over Kama Sutra. http://msnbc.msn.com/Default.aspx?id=3717283&p1=0

Interesting reading on the major portals. I find that MSNBC from the MSN homepage and Slate always makes for hilarious to amazing reading. Coupled with a healthy dose of NYTimes and Washington Post and Businessweek, you’re pretty much covered all around. No time for CNN, substitute MSNBC for CNN just for convenience sake. I also prefer the Newsweek articles over the TIME articles. TIME used to be so good 20 yrs ago but now it’s pretty pathetic. Newsweek is so much better I think.

I miss all the snow out there… makes for a really good holiday spirit.


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  1. I agree that Time magazine was much better 20 years ago; everytime I dig up the old issues from the basement at home, I’m amazed by the richer content. But, I’m a loyal Time person; it’s scary/amusing when it has its Entertainment Weekly moments (considering that they have the same corporate parent, it’s no wonder that they share certain tones of voice). US News & World Report is a little too light for me, but other than its annual college issue, does it have that much going for it?

  2. Yes, US NWR is too lightweight and TIME has unfortunately stooped to that level. USNWR’s advantage is their annual best school rankings. Always interesting reading.

    The other’s like Fortune, Forbes, Businessweek all tend to be a little too much on the financial side. Seems like there’s too much specialization among the mags. I wish TIME were what it used to be. One-stop reading.


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