Snow continues

So it’s still snowing. The meterologists must be enjoying themselves. All news, all the time. Channel 4 (NBC) seems to have sent all the reporters outside, braving the storm. One was smart enough to go into the airport to make his interviews, and he got a good-nature ribbing by the anchormen. One reporter at Paramus Mall, outside; she conceded that she snuck in between on-air moments to buy some sweaters. That people are out in the malls seem just a little crazy; it is a little dangerous there. But, there are only two weekends left before Xmas and when you’ve got nothing else to do at home, well, you could go out there, if you’re that foolhardy. At least in NYC we can still use subways to get around and so it’s not that bad.

Last night’s “Joan of Arcadia” was quite good – the angst of Joan’s wheelchair-using brother is momentarily abated and so is Joan’s angst (sort of; God’s still pushing her to do things that are good for her and that cause that chain reaction of miracles that this series specializes in; in this episode, Joan gets her driver’s license). Joan’s dad, the police chief, finds that he’s questioned about being a good person, not just a good cop; it doesn’t get easier when the chief is a victim. Joan’s other brother Luke learns that coffee may make your brain smarter, but you start coming up with real weird ideas.

Stay warm.

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