I can’t resist…

The latest Sprint commercials are interesting. Actually, what I’ve really loved is the crossover Sprint commercial with the Pillsbury Doughboy. Sprint Guy (the man in the trench coat with the mission to educate customers on the values of Sprint) is at a family dinner table listening to the woes of a family who should have used Sprint. The wife’s upset; Husband was supposed to pick up her uncle at the airport. Pillsbury Doughboy is walking sadly on their table; Husband says, “You said he’s short and wears a hat.” Husband apparently had picked up the Doughboy by mistake. (Query: why did Doughboy even go into the stranger’s car from the airport? Maybe Husband picked him up and there was no way for Doughboy to get out of the car.)

Wife says, “‘Uncle Pillsbury Doughboy?!” Doughboy, being a nice guy, waves to the little kid; little kid looks like she’s pretty sure she has no Uncle Doughboy. Sprint Guy then introduces the family to a camera cell phone, so that Husband will be able to identify the uncle appropriately. Sprint Guy then says to Doughboy, “Do you mind?” Doughboy sighs and says, “Everyone does it.” Sprint Guy pokes Doughboy’s tummy and Doughboy, of course, giggles. Great commercial. Stays on message (“yes, go get Sprint” and avoid picking up the Doughboy at the airport”) and is very entertaining.

The fraternity/sorority commercials aren’t so bad either (the ones where Sprint Guys tells the college kids about the new plan where Sprint counts evening from 7pm on and the kids are REALLY happy, shrieking at the top of their lungs at 7pm). But, those ads do seem a little on the dumb side (what do we expect, they’re just the kids of the Greek system, so they’re apt to react in a certain manner, even if they’re not that intellectually challenged).

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