Correction and more…

“Star Trek Enterprise” is on at 7pm tonight on Channel 9 (NYC Metro area); so feel free to catch it for the re-broadcast of this week’s episode of Trip the Clone. Nicely acted, like I said, even if not a perfect episode.

“Little Women,” starring Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon, is also on tonight. It’s a movie that has its moments; I’m hoping to see the whole thing for once!

Another sidenote – I saw “Love Actually” yesterday. A nice fluffy movie about love being all around us, starring all the favorite British actors. Hugh Grant did a nice job as a bachelor Tony Blair-ish prime minister who stands up to Billy Bob Thornton’s George W. Bush-esque American president (partly in reaction to the Billy Bob character’s leering the prime minister’s pretty, female assistant and then partly because the prime minister’s cabinet was not eager to cave into American demands – aww.) Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman were good and demonstrated a range of emotions. Colin Firth – ah, dear Colin was also quite good too! Liam Neeson did a nice role as the befuddled stepfather of a young boy in love. If you like fluffy, romance movies and don’t look for too much complexity, I’d recommend this movie.

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