More later…

I will have to post again later; I do have things to say about this week’s episode of “Star Trek Enterprise” but didn’t want to spoil it for those who do watch “Enterprise” but haven’t watched the episode yet (yes, I think it’ll be on again on Channel 9 in NYC area on Sunday at 9pm, if you want to catch it; then again, I’ll be trying to catch ABC’s “Alias,” which has to wrap up this mad crazy storyline before Secret Agent Sydney gets the lobotomy!). But, I can say that I thought this week’s “Enterprise” was very nice. A B+ for effort and points off for some quibbling that didn’t necessarily hurt the episode’s goodness, so to speak.

Nice Saturday today; go outside and enjoy it, is my other-than-television recommendation.

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to FC!!!

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