Happy New Year 2020!

Hey everybody: have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Goodbye 2019; you have got to be so much better, 2020… wait, we made it to 2020?

OMG, it is 2020! We’re living in the future and it’s been 20 freakin’ years since the year 2000? (yeah, kids, back in the day, we thought that Y2K would be scary and weird…. well, the 21st Century kind of has been scary and weird but we have to keep at it to make the world better – right?).

Oh, and a great meme to end 2019 and begin 2020:

The Barbara Walters meme was so great that Saturday Night Live alumnus, Cheri Oteri (who had played Barbara Walters on SNL), showed up as an amusingly bemused Barbara Walters on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Oteri’s appearance sent Anderson Cooper into one of his giggling fits…

Oh 2020, if only you can just keep us laughing in a good way!

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