Election Day 2018

Public service reminder to go vote today, if you’re a registered voter. It is not a perfect system, but voting is a civic duty and a right (it’s not a mere “privilege”; people have died for this right).

And, for four out of five boroughs of New York City: remember to flip the two page ballot to vote on judges and the ballot questions; and tear along the perforated lines to let the scanner scan one page at a time. See here for the NY1 Voter Guide, complete with links on debunking voting myths and a video on how to complete and tear the ballot.

The NYC Board of Elections video:

NPR’s Ron Elving on how to keep calm and other last minute Election Day tips. I’d add remember to breathe.

I’m not telling you how to vote, but be sure to reflect with a brain cell, and vote. This kind of decision-making’s not easy, and we do it because it isn’t easy – that’s the nature of this democratic republic.

Time for some serious checks and balances.

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