October as the Odd Month

It’s been an unseasonably warm October. The headlines haven’t been great, and I keep wondering what’s the one bright spot out there.

Well, okay, the World Series is on – Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Houston Astros. It’s strange to even think of that, since I keep thinking of the Astros as a National League team, but oh, hey, maybe Astros can pull something off for their town (they beat the Yankees to get here, and who had the Yankees in the playoffs this year anyway?). Then again, the Dodgers have been great, so… we’ll see.

The other strange bright spot – Alma Mater football team beat Dartmouth at homecoming this past weekend. Alma Mater football team hasn’t lost so far at all – a record of 6-0, with the 3-0 in the Ivy League. Sole possession of first place in the league? We haven’t seen this kind of winning season since 1996? Wow. I usually don’t follow college football, except to see how Alma Mater pulls it off, and this is impressive.

Who would have imagined that the Alma Mater football team would be the winning in town, other than the Yankees? This past Sunday, in the dead tree newspaper, I came across how the NY Daily News even did a two-page article about the Columbia football team – and it’s not about how they’re perennial losers for once.

The passing of actor Robert Guillaume. I remembered watching the show “Benson” (watching when I was probably too young to watch – but wasn’t it arguably family viewing anyway?), and laughing over his great, witty acting.

Plus, Guillaume was a pioneer as a black actor who won Emmy awards, as well as Emmy and Tony nominations. His character Benson was more than wisecracks – he was the man who was smarter than everyone and had great arc – rising from a former butler to lieutenant governor – and that unforgettable series finale – the cliffhanger of who won that election for governor was left hanging, but for ABC’s ending the series (I like to think that Benson won, but we’ll never know!). I didn’t fully appreciate “Sports Night” (although that was a great Aaron Sorkin show, pre-West Wing), but Guillaume had quite a career. He’ll be missed.

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