April Begins!

I saw the Final Four on April 1- well, the 2nd half Game 1 (Gonzaga vs. South Carolina), and the bulk of Game 2 (North Carolina vs. Oregon). I had picked Gonzaga and North Carolina as part of the Final Four, but had also picked Villanova to repeat over North Carolina, so… yeah, busted brackets, as usual, but some good games.  I have a soft spot for Gonzaga, but North Carolina’s on a roll to make up for last year, so we shall see who will win the championship between Gonzaga vs. North Carolina on Monday, April 3.

I forget that the NCAA tournament would have quite a bunch of commercials – it’s a definitely a different vibe than the Super Bowl or Oscars. In other words: I don’t know whether I’ll watch the Wonder Woman movie or Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” movie or buy Amazon’s Alexa, but the seeds are planted in my mind. Thanks, commercialism!

I will have to do a full post, but am I glad that FX renewed “Legion.”  The season finale – the tv series overall – a roller coaster of emotion, sound (or in one episode, the lack of sound), and sight.  What will happen next to David Haller, the mutant who has some problems that the rest of us ought to be glad to not have…?

Otherwise, I’m so behind on everything. Oh, and baseball is back.  I need the distraction anyway…


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