Happy 50 Anniversary to Star Trek!

I’m not so crazy a fan that I own a Starfleet uniform, contrary to popular belief.  I do say that I’m a Trekkie (since I’m not so dedicated that I’m a Trekker, as I’m far more loose and whimsical about ST, and I believe that Trekkers are that much more committed than I am). I liked the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, a lot (and I’m not even a real Whovian by any stretch of the imagination), and I wish ST could have something as remarkably moving.  We shall see as the 50 anniversary year proceeds!

Some links to my past blog posts over at triscribe regarding what I thought were some great ST moments; my thoughts on the leaders of ST (Kirk vs. Picard vs. Sisko vs. Janeway vs. Archer); and last, but hardly least, my thoughts on the future of ST (or ST and the future).

I haven’t yet figured out how to write up a blog post on what I thought of the Justin Lin directed movie, “Star Trek Beyond,” but it’ll eventually come around.  Suffice to say, I liked the movie as it was okay, but it wasn’t the greatest thing (summer movies 2016 is pretty much summed up in that way).

I had found this tribute video of ST over at YouTube some years ago, celebrating the 40th anniversary – the 50th anniversary is as good a time as any to watch it again. The music is based on the TNG episode, “The Inner Light,” and the whole thing is such a hopeful tearjerker.  (embedded below)  I think it holds up very well.

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