End of NaNoWriMo or Happy December!

So, that was the end of National Novel Writing Month.  A little recap…

Technically, I “won” on Thanksgiving (Day 27), an hour or so after midnight.  But, I more or less finished the story on November 30 (of course): “Masquerade’s End,” clocking in on the NaNoWriMo site counter at 61162 words (my count at 61206). A retiring superhero (whose superpowers are his money, his sheer willpower, and desire to do what’s right) struggles to accept that he’s physically slowing down and wants a life, while a serial killer threatens the city.  It’s practically a Batman pastiche, without the satire element and definitely not in the style of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight” (well, I’d like to think so).

I have no idea whether I’ll ever continue it or revise it. I kind of want to, but it’s too early to say.

For those who did it: WE DID IT, wrimos!  (you know who you are!)

And, for those who didn’t make 50k: you tried and that’s what matters.  You wrote a lot and you got creative.  And, there’s next year, or pick your own month and do it!  National Novel Writing Month is something worth trying and doing.

Well, on to December.  Maybe I’ll finally get back to the writing revision project.  I have to catch up on television and read some books.  I can’t believe 2014 is flying by!

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