Not in Arizona in November 2014

Welcome to the Not in Arizona edition, as triscriber FC and a whole bunch of the NY metro area contingent of the Asian Pacific American bar headed to Phoenix/Scottsdale for the National Asian Pacific Bar Association (NAPABA) 2014 Convention. But, I’m still in town, as a polar vortex is coming. I can handle cold, but this is bizarro weather. Global climate change is unstable and weird (and yes, I know climate and weather are two different things).

Some new New Yorker formerly from Florida wrote to Gothamist and asked if winter would kill her.  I had to laugh. I’m like: we have winter, but what we really have is something like four or three and a half seasons. If you want real winter, you would have to go up to Albany or parts north, where they get the cold temperatures and snow. Don’t be chicken about a NYC winter. (but ok, I get people are scared of cold).

Election Day – I think I’m away from the day itself to stop feeling bummed. It was not one of the better Election Days. People: you’re supposed to vote every year, not just every four years for president. Okay, off the soap box now.

Some exciting news: So, US Attorney Loretta Lynch of Eastern District of NY (covering Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island) will be nominated for Attorney General. Very interesting. According to the article, if she’s confirmed, it’d be almost 200 years since a US Attorney would get the nod to be Attorney General. I had no idea that such a thing would be so rare. Also: I’m pretty sure that (if confirmed), she’d be the 1st African-American woman AG. Also: Brooklyn!!

It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I’m doing it again. I’m not sure if this is going to work, but I had to get back to writing fiction. Legal writing, with the whole “the parties are [practically lying, etc.]; and the actions do not rise to the level of disqualifying misconduct…” can only do so much for me. And, my fiction writing writers block has been horrific. Spirit of NaNoWriMo is going to have to do some magic.

I’m still sort of blogging about my NaNo over at tumblr, although that’s lightly done, since I’m trying to figure out what am I writing… preparation back in October was not nearly as much as I’d hope, so there is a lot of “make it up as I go along.”

I’m writing about a superhero, who’s trying to get out of the business, but can’t quite do it. Oh, you couldn’t tell that I was thinking about that from the posts on triscribe? (see below on my rambling on Batman, “Gotham,” “The Flash” – and no, I’m still not on the “Arrow” bandwagon)… Anyway, we’ll see how this goes.

Doctor Who, Series/Season 8 (post reboot), is currently on a marathon on BBC America, as a prelude to the finale tonight. Plus the first episode of BBC Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) at 8pm, since BBC America wants to go all out. And I’m supposed to get outside at some point… and keep writing.

Meanwhile, over on “Elementary,” Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is trying to re-establish himself in NYC. I’m not sure if it’s working (he burned a lot of people by heading back to London to (unsuccessfully) work for MI-6), and his new apprentice is annoying (although the hints of horrific and tragic back story might redeem her – but her name of “Kitty” is… annoying).

Okay, back to (fiction) writing.

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