One Year Later: Superstorm Sandy and Stuff

Time flies.  Here are some of our posts from the results of Superstorm Sandy:

The eve of Sandy (with more presidential campaign and Star Trek anniversary coverage than anything else – and a little sports and a reminder of how Gangnam Style captured our imagination.

Some of FC’s photos of the local gas station, the lines for supplies, and the return of the subway.

The days after

WNYC has special series on Life After Sandy.

Oh, and according to Time Out NY, MTA is going to be nice to mass transit riders on the anniversary of Sandy; free rides for riders on the A and R? Cool!

I’m not sure of the full effects, because in so many ways, we’re still feeling it (R and G subway tunnels’ repairs are ongoing, as far as NYC goes, and I shake my head about South Street Seaport, since change is change, when the storm just made the change go faster; and the effects on public housing is horrid, because these were buildings that didn’t get nearly enough help before Sandy in the first place).  Infrastructure investments and many other implications are not stuff we’re facing, but then again, are expectations too high, too low, too whatever?


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