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I’m off by a couple of hours/a day, but…

Best wishes to FC and P on one month since the arrival of Baby A!

For your pleasure, consider this photo below that I had taken while off the Highline and near Chelsea Market, from a couple of years ago.  I’m not sure if Oscar is still there, but he looks strangely cheerful in this photo.


And, I think Sesame Street is appropriate for kids of all ages… And then there is this:











I had taken that photo of the sign on the City Store, when they were selling like hotcakes awhile back (and properly licensed for such) (I think the time stamp on the photo is right; I never quite get it correct on my digital camera). Cookie Monster Cop is cute.  And funny that Big Bird is the cabbie, when Oscar was the one with a cab (and, according to his performer, Caroll Spinney, Oscar’s voice was inspired by a NYC cabbie who drove Spinney to the very day he first does Oscar).  And Oscar used to be carried around by Bruno, a sanitation guy.  Hmmm….

Welcome to the world, Baby A!

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