Uncertain Nostalgia

My landlord has listed the building for sale. While there are many unknowns, such as whether he can fetch the multi-million dollar sum asked for in this economic climate, there is the acute possibility we’ll have to find another place to live in the Spring.

What it is about this place that brings about nostalgia? There are plenty to gripe about the place, from the puny size, the multitude of deluges from the upstairs apartment, the painful walkup when hobbling around with injuries, and the general seediness especially at night. But overall, I have to say it is OK. There is the stone’s throw to work, the intersection with a number of classy neighborhoods, being within one hour of anywhere in the city — either via subway or a nearby Zipcar — and of course generally being safe and generally kept warm or cool.

I would be here ten years come March, and two for P-; this is just one more step toward the next phase of our lives. It’s gonna be all right.

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  1. Best wishes to you and P- on the possible finding of new housing. Nostalgia’s understandable; your home’s home. And, yeah, you’re in a pretty nifty neighborhood!

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