This week’s recap:

Narrowly avoided Wednesday’s Grand Central Explosion. Was supposed to be at a meeting at 45 and Lex at 6:30; instead was stuck on a 4 train at Bowling Green. Later met up. with P at Times Square.

Food this week:
Sunday: Bastille Day on Smith street with Costa Rican food. Loved the ceviche.

Wed: Go!G!o! Curry on W. 38 St.  Definitely the best Japanese curry to be had in NY. Everything is themed with NY Yankee player H.  Matsui – from his number 55 to the sizes of the meals, which range from “walk” (normal sized) to “Grand Slam” which is everything – 5 lbs. of food! We had pork katsu curry with pickled shallots and natto. They also sell the curry sauce separately in economy sizes. Recommended.

Restaurant Week:
Thalassa on Franklin Street – gourmet Greek cuisine. The prix fixe had fine selections of seafood and lamb dishes. The day”s seafood is laid out on a icetable in the dining room – the ultimate proof of freshness – no smell and in perfect condition. Service wqas impeccible. The open kitchen is quiet and efficient – a hurly tattoed grillmaster is in charge. Recommended (but the fish is about $20-30 per lb. on the regular menu, so be forewarned.)

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