Trying to plan out the trip to San Francisco coming up in September. Five days there. Hmm. Can’t guarantee blogging while there, but I got a month to figure it out.
Blogging the Emmies. Wasn’t even sure I’d watch, but apparently I am watching. And blogging it. If you don’t want the results spoiled for you, turn away!

Conan O’Brien’s opening gag – a la Billy Crystal’s Oscars thing where he plods through the movies – Conan’s running through the tv shows – well, it ran a little long to me.

Best Supporting Actor to Alan Alda, West Wing. Great for Alan Alda, but he wasn’t even there to accept the award!  And, too bad, Gregory Itzin, the wacked out president of “24.”

The Sheens presenting the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Umm… Blythe Danner?! Who the heck watches “Huff”?! The Emmy voters, I guess. But, apparently, they don’t watch “24”! Poor Jean Smart – her First Lady on “24” was great and kicked like that by Emmy voters? Ugh!

They’re cutting people off in speeches. Very bad. The gag that they’ll suffocate Bob Newhart in a vacuum tube with only 3 hours of air to force people to stay within time – funny idea and Newhart’s being a good sport – but the gags are looking to be what’s long, not the speeches.

Jeremy Piven! Yeah!

More unnecessary gags.

Fancy Feast cat food commercial – very nice looking food, apparently inspired by the gourmet restaurant stuff. Not that I’d begrudge cats or dogs, but when they eat food that looks better than what I’d eat, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think.

Ads for NBC’s upcoming season are making me feel a little displeased.  Then again, I’m not sure how much of NBC I’ll be watching.

I am all for honoring Dick Clark. Do we need Barry Manilow? Clips to honor Clark’s work in general and specifically his old “American Bandstand” were more than enough.

The Ernst and Young gag – introducing them as the auditors – along with Kareem Abdul Jabaar. Funny.

Poor Newhart.  Still stuck?!
So far, “24” hasn’t won the acting awards, but a directing one. Ok.

Tony Shalhoub for Leading Actor in a Comedy. Umm. Okay. Poor Jason Bateman and Steve Carrell. And, yeah, I guess Larry David too (I don’t have cable; can’t speak for David).

Keifer Sutherland! Yeah! “24” gets an acting Emmy. And, his dad Donald in the audience. And, he thanks everyone, plus the FOX network.

“The Office” winning the best comedy award. Guess NBC had to get something. Maybe I’ll start watching the show; seems funny. Sorry to “Arrested Development.”

“24”?! Best drama! Considering that this was the ultimate 24 season – well, yeah, sure!

Bob Newhart freed from the vacuum tube.

And, ending right on time!

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