Goodbye Weekend

Quiet little weekend.

Mets – celebrate 20th anniversary of the 1986 Amazin’s – and memories of the hijinks that they had. Then, as of Sunday, we have to worry about pitcher Tom Glavine’s arm condition. Mets beat the Rockies, with El Duque Hernandez playing a great game, and on tv, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez were taking about… Chuck E. Cheese? (apparently, the Rockies’ pitcher once did a gig at Chuck E. Cheese as Chuck E. Cheese in his struggle to become a major league baseballer). But, Met fans do worry…

The whole Mary Worth comic strip saga continues, as Mary’s stalker continues not taking her no as no. Uh, Mary, call the cops. Please.

Meeanwhile, over on the Judge Parker comic strip, where Judge Parker’s son, Randy, is going to run for the judgeship – well, those backroom politicians are going to try to screw with Randy’s candidacy by implying that he’s an in-the-closet homosexual man, by virtue of his avoiding marriage with a woman (considering that he was about to marry a woman who’s in charge of a multi-billion-dollar semi-religion, and can’t go after a female CIA agent because, well, she’s CIA, these backroom politicians are real idiotsl; well, maybe they’re not implying anything about his heterosexual manhood or his sexuality; maybe they’re just bugging him about his committment problem; eh…). Dirty politics and mudslinging enter the world of soap opera comic strips.

Monday night: the season premiere of Prison Break on FOX. Hmm. Dare I watch? I missed the season finale (uh, yeah, the actual escape from prison), but Wentworth Miller as the daring prison breaker Michael Scofield – well, he’s still drool-worthy, but that reason alone isn’t enough to watch a crazy show. Hmm… well, we’ll see…

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