Amazing Races

Hippies validated as they win Amazing Race 9 today. After losing their stuff twice by being last at non-elimination pitstops, they get it all together in the final round. Being able to speak Japanese enabled them to have fun performing the messenger task. They were neck and neck with the “frat boys” up to the last roadblock, where they had to order flags corresponding to their travel sequence, where the hippies were able to burst ahead. The other reason to be happy about the hippies is that they had good karma and treated the local people well, speaking in their native languages where possible. They were well-deserving.

P and I are going on the next leg of our journey together: Hong Kong. It’s her first time; it’s my 4th. We picked up a really cheap flight, probably because it’s typhoon season. A big one narrowly missed Hong Kong yesterday, slamming Fujian with 200 mph winds, but only ranking Signal 3 (the southwestern version of a N’oreaster – Katrina would be a 10) in Hong Kong itself. I’m also going to catch up with some friends, and see some of the more out of the way places. Of course, there will be plenty of blogging. The trip begins on May 25. Say “hi” if you happen to be in the vicinity.

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