The start of yet another work week

Hmmm… could it be that “Nightline” is finding its legs? I get cheered up seeing Chris Bury and John Donvan do their in-depth pieces and Terry Moran’s recent piece on illegal immigration was interesting. In fact, I think Moran has his moments in being a good host, with the right balance of traditional “Nightline” and New “Nightline” (although, he’s no Ted Koppel). Martin Bashir hasn’t really won me over (maybe because I still remember his interviews with Michael Jackson and Princess Diana; maybe they should have him do some serious news stuff, like interview actual important people), and neither has Cynthia McFadden. The “Sign of the Times” segment irks me; too light. If you have to do rotating hosts, can’t you put in people who maintain the feeling of “Nightline”?

A NY Times article on ImaginAsian and Asian films.

A NY Times article on the recent Silent Mascot in the Burger King and McDonald’s commercials (Burger King, I might add, is all very creepy), and even in the Quaker Oats commercial (and, I might really add, the plastic Quaker is really, really creepy).

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