Last Suppers and the Gospel According to Ghengis

This weekend was a variety of free and cheap meals curtesy of work, events and Brooklyn Restaurant Week (which goes on until Tuesday, so catch up!). Atlantic ChipShop has a three course meal for 2 for 20.06. Blue Ribbon Sushi has a magnificient sushi/shashimi combo for the 20.06 (get the combo, not the sushi alone or the shashimi alone – they are all regular portions). Free work food at Tavern on the Green – can’t complain about the rare tuna, the shrimp cocktail or the desserts. Fine food and drink at Southwest NY at AS’s Baptism party for Ghengis, aka Mini-AS.

The baptism was held at St. Joseph’s Chapel, which is also the Catholic 9/11 memorial. Haunting cast statues of the site’s patron saints take up most of the left side of the chapel. New life is represented by the gurguling baptismal font, whose moving water represents cleaning and renewal. AS’s cousin performed the ceremony, which was nice and furfilling.

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