Redesign Fatigue

Two changes to two major websites, one temporary and one permanent:

  1. Slashdot as an April Fool’s joke turned their frontpage pink and changed their motto to “OMG!!! PONIES!!!”, starting a bloggersphere catchphrase craze not heard of since “All your base are belong to us!“. Funny while it lasted.
  2. The New York Times changed their website into something kind of, sort of like the printed version, with multiple colums of stuff to peruse. It is going to take come getting used to. It’s hard for me to scroll around – I rather like the setup in their “Today’s Paper” version instead, where everything is in one column.

Looking forward to the annual asian alumni dinner at school on Wednesday. It’s going to be at the new conference center, so that should be great.

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  1. Yeah, the NY Times new web design is not so good on the eyes. I don’t particularly like the font either. It will take awhile to get used to seeing.

    Funny thing – the Daily News changed its Tv guide design by putting the daytime schedule Mon’s to Fridays after the Sunday section, which I hated.  Turned out I wasn’t alone in hating that design layout, because enough people complained such that Daily News went back to the old layout (more or less).  This after probably months of complaints.  The NY Times better be careful…  then again, web design is surely easier to adjust?

    And, yep, I’m looking forward to seeing the new conference space and the (free) food tomorrow!

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